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When one says squirrels a cute, jumpy, fluffy image comes in front of your eyes. But when these same tiny creatures become a reason behind your messed up garden and scattered flower bed, they no more remain that adorable and few of you can surely relate to this. We know you want to keep them away from your home, yard, crop field, garden, etc. but at the same time, you don’t want to go for the options like traps or poisons cause you sure don’t want to hurt the squirrels too.

We have a perfect answer to your dilemma – squirrel repellent with no toxins and chemicals. In this article, we have listed the best 10 repellents that would help you scare away the squirrels very gently and humanely. So, go through all of them to know the perfect product to stop squirrels from invading your property.

The 10 Best Squirrel Repellent

1. Diaotec Squirrel Repellent Ultrasonic Rodents Repeller

Diaotec Squirrel Repellent Ultrasonic Rodents Repeller

Lets’s begin our list with ana amazing product called Diaotec Squirrel Repellent. This device has both transducer and dual speakers which emit high impact pressure wave ultrasonic sounds with a varying frequency that help in deterring squirrels. This chemical and toxin-free product is very safe to use around your family.

This repeller is adequate for use in the home, apartment, restaurant, school, office, basement, or any indoor areas. The ultrasonic waves emitted from this device are extremely uncomfortable for squirrels. Check all its pros and cons below


  • As this squirrel repellent does not contain any chemicals or toxins, it’s a very clean and mess-free solution to get rid of them
  • It is very simple to set and use. No special skills or equipment are required to install this.
  • Considering it is specially designed for indoor purposes, it gives good coverage for the inside of your home.


  • As this is only for indoor usage, it can’t be to the mark efficient to shoo away the squirrels which might be creating menace in the outdoor area of your home.
  • Although the product says that it is safe for pets, some may find their cats and dogs being freaked out when you plugged it in.

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2. SEVINNOK T5-S Triple Ultrasonic Repeller for Squirrels

SEVINNOK T5-S Triple Ultrasonic Repeller for Mice

Get rid of the squirrels from your living areas or in storage areas or wherever they are invading by using SEVINNOK T5-S Triple Ultrasonic Repeller. This device consists of triple ultrasonic high impact rodent repeller duo. It sends ultrasonic sounds and pressure waves and effectively keeps the squirrels away from your place.

This device is also specially designed to be operated in indoor areas. The waves are perceived by the squirrels and it makes them very uncomfortable and they maintain their distance from the source of this discomfort. Read on to know all the pros and cons of this product below


  • This product is environment-friendly and chemical-free so you can use it inside your home without any worry.
  • The installation and usage process is very easy.
  • The coverage of this device is good.


  • You can use it with full efficiency only inside your home, garage, attic or any such are which is indoor.
  • Some may find that it is affecting their pets and they get freaked out by the device.

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3. Glaobule Electronic Pest Rodent Repellent Ultrasonic Battery Operated Mouse Squirrel Repellent


Enjoy squirrel-free living space with Glaobule Electronic Pest Rodent Repellent. This household electronics device creates sounds that are above the human hearing and scares away the squirrels without creating any mess. This product is 100% humane and safe to use around your family and pets.

It is a battery operated repellent which once charged should last for up to 60 days. It blasts ultrasound waves and strobe lights to keep squirrels away from your indoor area. Keep reading to know the pros and cons of this product.


  • This repellent starts working without using any chemicals or poisonous substances.
  • While using in-car its energy-saving mode comes in handy. You can turn on its auto-standby feature that saves power when the car is started and automatically resumes work 10 seconds after the car is parked.
  • It is very easy to install and use.


  • The device is too small which may be efficient in small areas only.
  • Being specially designed for use in a car and indoor areas, this can’t seem to be effective in outdoor areas like yards and gardens.

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4. CLEANRTH PCS101 Three-Stage ComboSonic Squirrel Repeller

CLEANRTH PCS101 Three-Stage ComboSonic Squirrel Repeller

Get rid of squirrels with the least efforts by using CLEANRTH PCS101 Three-Stage ComboSonic Squirrel Repeller. This device creates noticeable sound to deter the squirrels. It consists of a single vertical speaker that emits sound waves which spread 180º straight up and protect your place.

It also has dual front speakers that emit 260º of widespread horizontal sound waves for better coverage. This unique device works in three steps that include sonic, ultrasonic, and comboSonic. Read further to know all its pros and cons.


  • This squirrel repellent can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas with equal efficiency.
  • The repeller is completely environmentally-friendly and human-friendly as it is chemical and toxin-free.
  • As it has 3 speakers, the device has a very wide coverage area.


  • The device is not waterproof which can be an issue while using in gardens where sprinklers are used or in the areas with regular rains.
  • The noise created by the device can be an issue for some of you.

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5. Angveirt Pest Repellent Mouse Rat Squirrel Repeller Electronic Ultrasonic Mice Repeller


Here is one more amazing entry to the list – Angveirt under Hood Rodent Repeller. This is a humane deterrent that emits alternating and continuous ultrasonic waves and flashlights. These waves and strobes of light disrupt the darkness and quiet and make the squirrels run away.

It is designed with the feature of wireless connection that allows you to place it almost anywhere inside your house without connecting to the power socket. It is humane and safe to use around humans and pets. Read all its pros and cons below


  • As this ultrasonic squirrel repellent emits ultrasound that ranges above human hearing, it won’t cause you any sort of disturbance.
  • The device is simple to install and easy to use.
  • As there is no use of chemicals or toxins, this is ideal to use inside your home around your pets and kids.


  • You may find the battery life not to be up to the mark which can be an issue.
  • It is mainly developed for indoor usage so you might not get equal effectiveness if used outside of the house.

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6. ZOVENCHI Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

ZOVENCHI Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

Use ZOVENCHI Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repeller and make squirrels run away from your home with fear. This device emits strong ultrasonic waves and shoots flashing LEDs and frightens the squirrels. It is engineered with five different sensitivity modes that you can set manually as per your requirement.

This device has a solar panel on the top so it uses solar power to recharge its batteries. The batteries can also be charged using an adapter so that you won’t face any problem if it’s a cloudy day or any such circumstance occurs. Know the pros and cons of this repellent below.


  • It has a motion-sensing feature that works very effectively.
  • The device is completely waterproof so you don’t need to worry about using it on rainy days or in the areas where water contact is possible.
  • The repellent is very easy to set up and use.


  • As there is no battery charging indicator you cannot tell if the batteries are fully charged or not.
  • Some may find that the noise the device makes is bothersome.

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7. Vensmiles Car Mice Repeller Under Hood Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent

Vensmiles Car Mice Repeller Under Hood Animal Repeller

Are squirrels bothering you too much? Vensmiles Car Mice Repeller under Hood Animal Repeller is here for your rescue. This deterrent emits high-frequency sounds that are hardly audible to the human ear but are very irritating for squirrels. This device is ideal to use in vehicles.

No chemicals, exterminator, or any such harmful substances were used in making this product. Its multi-directions wave scattering design makes sure that no squirrels remain immune to its effect. Check all the pros and cons below.


  • The sound created by the device is very minimal so it doesn’t bother you.
  • The device is very simple to mount and use. Also, it requires no special maintenance after installing.
  • It is chemical-free and thus it is completely fine to use it around kids and pets.


  • As this repellent is designed especially for vehicles, its efficiency in bigger areas cannot be at par.
  • The coverage area is very limited.

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8. Aspectek Solar Powered Animal Outdoor Repeller

Solar Powered Animal Outdoor Repeller

One more awesome addition to the list is Solar Powered Animal Outdoor Repeller. This is a very innovative, economical, and humane solution to your squirrel problems. This device is developed to be effective at night time too.

Its battery lasts for 30 days on a single charge and it has a light-sensitive feature that automatically turns on at dusk and turns off at full daylight. This repellent is solar-powered which makes it eco-friendly and economical too. Read below and learn the pros and cons of this product.


  • This deterrent is completely waterproof which makes it ideal to use in gardens and on rainy days too.
  • The device requires the least maintenance. All you have to do is install it by following simple steps.
  • Being chemical-free, you can use this repellent around your children too.
  • You can use this repellent outside your home too.


  • Some of you might find that this device is causing irritation to your pets.
  • The battery life of the device may not be up to the mark when compared to other devices.

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9. Wikomo Waterproof Animal Repeller Rodent Squirrel Repeller

Wikomo Animal Repeller, Waterproof Animal Repeller

Use Wikomo Animal Repeller and frighten away the squirrels. This repellent is developed with a PIR motion sensor that detects squirrels while triggering 120 dB alarm sounds, ultrasound, and flashlight and prevents them from entering your property. To use, you can simply push this portable device into the ground or hang it on a wall.

This repellent is solar-powered as well as USB rechargeable. As is waterproof, it keeps working with equal efficiency even under circumstances like rain, snow or while being used in gardens. Check its pros and cons below –


  • This device works with equal efficiency in both outdoor and indoor areas.
  • The repellent is so handy and maintenance-free that you can use it anywhere in the yard, garden, living room, attic, cars and you can also carry it with you.
  • Its waterproof feature adds on to its efficiency.


  • If the coverage area of the device had been wider, it would have been perfect for its performance.
  • Some may find it is affecting the pets slightly. This can vary.

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10. Exom Essentials Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Wall Plug-in

Exom Essentials Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Wall Plug-in

The last entry in the list is Ultrasonic Pest Repeller which is a perfect environment-friendly solution for getting rid of the squirrels. This 100% humane repellent is safe to use around your children and pet as it is non-toxic and odorless. It creates a variable ultrasonic sound so that the squirrels don’t get used to it and the good thing is this sound is inaudible to humans.

This deterrent is designed with a dual microchip system that sends ultrasounds to disorient the squirrels and prevents them from entering your property. Check out all the pros and cons below.


  • This device is very easy to set up and use.
  • It has multiple usages as it can be effective on other rodents and animals along with squirrels.
  • The repellent has got a good coverage area as it protects over 1600 square feet.


  • Some might find its battery life not being up to the mark.
  • The sound might bug some of your pets. This effect is varying.

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What Are Squirrel Traps?

Squirrel traps come in several varieties; lethal, non-lethal, single animal, and multi-animal types.

The non-lethal trap usually catches squirrels in a rectangular box trap. There are two basic varieties, wire cage traps, and Sherman traps. The main difference between the two is that the Sherman traps have solid sides, top, and bottom whereas the wire traps are made of heavy gauge wire.

Caged and trapped animals often become enraged and will try to attack anyone handling the cage they’re in, so the advantages of a Sherman trap with its solid sides, immediately becomes obvious.

There are also multiple-catch traps which capture more than one squirrel at a time, and single-catch traps which only catch them one at a time.

What Types of Squirrel Traps Are There?

Squirrel traps can be built in one of three basic designs; flat snap traps, tube traps, or box traps.

Snap traps, commonly used for catching mice and rats, work just as well on squirrels. Apply a thin layer of bait to the trigger and set it out where squirrels are prone to run and play. Also put them in areas where they’ve been gnawing on your patio furniture, wiring, decking, or other property, and it won’t be long before you start catching them. 99 percent of the time it kills them instantly.

Tube traps are basically just snap traps inside a round metal or plastic tube. Squirrels are naturally curious and will poke around inside anything they find. A little bait can be added to lure them in faster, but either way, once they go inside they’ll trigger the trap and be killed.

Electric traps use electricity to electrocute squirrels that crawl inside them. Squirrels are small enough they can be electrocuted by 4 D-cell batteries. These traps can also work off of corded power from an electrical outlet.

Where Is The Best Place To Put Squirrel Traps?

Squirrels usually live in and around trees. They run up and down the trunks, leap from tree to tree on the branches, and run along utility lines. These are the best places to locate your traps.

The base of trees, especially if there bushes or shrubs around the base, are the number one spot for traps. They’ll encounter the traps on a daily, sometimes hourly basis as they scamper back and forth, and will soon overcome any fear they might have of them. Once that fear is gone, their natural curiosity will take over and you’ll start catching them.

The base of phone poles and utility poles are also good areas for trap placement. You can put them on the ground near the poles or attach them to the poles themselves. You also attach traps directly to the trunks of trees.

Squirrels are notorious for running across the roof of your house or business, making those prime locations for your traps. It helps if you have easy access to the roof for checking, emptying, and re-baiting your traps. Place the traps near the tree branches or utility lines they use to gain access to your roof.

Here you are done with the best performing squirrel repellents available in the market and you are known with its pros and cons too. Now all you have to do is gauge the intensity of the situation at your place and know what are your most important concerns and you are ready to select the perfect squirrel repellent for yourself.