Beagle Neo 2 – FPV Drone That Fits in The Palm of Your Hand

Drones are changing the way technology is happening in today’s world. They have revolutionized several industries, and as days pass, we only have more brands coming into the market.

Well, that could be both good news and not-so-good news! Because the more players we have in the market, the more difficult it would be to choose the right product!

However, we are here to address that problem. We will tell you about the latest entrant into the drone sphere. It’s the Beagle Neo 2!

What’s the Beagle Neo 2?

The Beagle Neo 2 is a combination of modern design and advanced technology. The drone is engineered from the ground up to provide the most immersive drone experience for both beginners as well as professional flyers!

How Can One Use the Beagle Neo 2?

Beagle Neo 2 Features

Using its revolutionary Stability Flight Chip gives one a seamless flight experience, thanks to the high-end technology of machine learning.

The Beagle Neo 2 drone is engineered using hyperflex propeller guards that were especially made for safe indoor flying. You may bounce it off the walls in your home and even over your mother’s favorite flower vase, without having to panic at all!

With the optional FPV (First Person View) goggles, you can fly the drone all the while experiencing a high-quality view of the intense live action. See through the eyes of the smallest – but perhaps the mightiest – drone by Beagle yet, the Neo 2; get ready to experience it in all its technological glory!

Beagle Neo 2 Specs:

  • Frame – Polymer
  • Size – 100 mm
  • Motors – 17000 kv
  • Battery – 1s Li-Po, 240 mah
  • Charger – 10w
  • Transmitter – 10 channel
  • Camera – FPV, HDR
  • Lense – 2.8mm, 120 deg.
  • Package – 6” x 5” x 4”
  • Drone Weight – 52 g

Product Hacks

Using our FPV Goggles (optional) takes your drone experience to the next level. You will have a real-time viewing experience from a distance as high as 400 feet.

With the added capability of high dynamic range (HDR) and color accurate camera, you can now take flight into the sky using vivid image processing.

What Sets The Beagle Neo 2 Apart?

It’s Stability Flight Chip set emulates a virtual GPS & trims inputs to provide full control during flight. The power under the hood enables the Neo 2 to quickly switch between modes and adapt its flight to your preferred setting!

Why This is The Best Compared to Other Brands?


The Beagle Neo 2 is one of the smallest, yet most durable drones of its kind; it is the perfect drone for both beginners and professionals; and works wonderfully well both for indoor and outdoor flight.

Where Can you Buy the Beagle Neo 2?

The product is currently available on Kickstarter, but will have a nationwide launch on Amazon by January 2020.

The Beagle Neo 2 is the exact drone you need. It offers one of the most unique flight experiences that you will have. When this is coupled with the sheer amount of thrill flying your drone will bring you, the Neo 2 is a force to reckon with!