Due to their close relationship with humans and pets, it is nearly difficult to treat cockroaches with toxic insecticides without causing harm to the immediate family.

Pet owners can minimize the chance of their pet having a problem by

following label directions,
selecting lower toxicity pesticides,
and minimizing the amount of exposure their pet has to the pesticide during and after the application.

5 Best Pet Safe Killer for Roaches

1. EcoSmart Ant and Roach killer

Out of all the pet-friendly roach killers we reviewed and researched, our top pick goes to EcoSmart Ant and Roach Killer.


Because it is your perfect one-stop solution to kill roaches fast and still ensures it is pet-friendly.

Its effective plant-based ingredients block the pest’s neural pathways hence, killing them instantly.

Plant-based solutions also mean that it is 100% toxic-free and can have no undesired negative effects on your pets or children.

The Good:

  • 100% plant-based – organic and safe
  • Herbal and spearmint smell
  • Safe for indoor use
  • Kills cockroaches and other pests.

The Bad:

  • Very strong and long-lasting odor
  • Not as effective on larger- sized cockroaches


  • Kills within 30 seconds!
  • Destroys infestations
  • Plant-based extracts – Safe around pets

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2. Combat Max Roach Trap

Combat Max Roach Trap is a top-rated bait trap. There is an easy-to-use system specifically designed for complete cockroach extermination and prevention.

This product includes 12 bait stations that can be placed in common areas where roaches appear and a 12-gram syringe of roach killing gel that can be used in inaccessible places such as cracks and crevices where they hide. It starts working within hours to exterminate roaches and helps keep the infestation under control for up to six months.

The Good:

  • Works quickly and efficiently [without creating a mess
  • Easy to use bait stations
  • Long-lasting results [up to 3 weeks]

The Bad:

  • Ineffective for large colonies
  • Will not remove deep and hidden infestations


  • Easy-to-use system
  • See results within hours!
  • Great value for money

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3. Raid

This is a pet-safe roach repellent designed to kill by contact. Its ingredients are all-natural alternatives – Lemongrass Extract and Geraniol synthesized from Pine trees. It is safe around your children and house pets as it is 100% toxic free.

Raid is designed to kill ants, roaches, and over 20 household pests making it an affordable “go-to” option to get rid of pesky pets.

The Good:

  • Affordable natural alternative
  • Smells great and can be used indoors
  • Non-toxic chemical ingredients used – Safe around pets and kids.

The Bad:

  • Overpowering scent
  • Not designed for sensitive surfaces like kitchen counters


  • Kills over 20 household pests
  • Natural alternative ingredients – Lemongrass extracts and Geraniol synthesized from Pine trees
  • Safe to use around sensitive areas including kitchen

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4. Eco Defense Pest Control Pouches

This is a cheap alternative plant-based insecticide – its ingredients are derived from botanical plant extracts, hence safe around pets – especially dogs and small kids. It is safe to use indoors and outdoors.

The Good:

  • Non-chemical alternative
  • Kills by direct contact
  • Kids and dog friendly!

The Bad:

  • Overpowering pungent smell
  • The smell can cause some irritation to cats’ eyes


  • Uses naturally derived botanical oil
  • Safe around pets
  • Smells great

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5. All-N-One Bug Defense Natural Spray

This one is made and recommended by the pros!

It works great around your house – kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, etc. It’s proven to be effective on all crawling and biting pets. No harsh chemicals are used – safe around all your pets and kids.

The Good:

  • All-in-One natural alternative
  • Non-staining (Safe to spray on fabrics, around your house, including carpets and mattresses)
  • It comes in two sizes – 32 oz and 1 Gallon size
  • Safe for the whole family and your furry pets

The Bad:

  • Not effective on all crawling bugs – like crickets; baby spiders and ants
  • Expensive


  • Safe, Effective and All Natural
  • No Harsh Chemicals used
  • Recommended by the Pros!

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What Are The Different Types of Pet Safe Killers For Cockroaches?

Identifying what type of cockroach you’re dealing with will be an important step in successful control methods. While most cities will have one species that is their primary issue, typically places.

For example A city like Toledo, OH, most commonly deals with the German cockroach, and Columbus, GA, is has a higher American cockroach population. But both places deal with both species – and a variety of others as well.

Use roach Traps to identify and track cockroach populations

  • Place traps on the floor around edges of walls, in cupboards and other places where you think roaches are foraging.
  • Place bait stations at locations where you trap roaches.
  • Check traps daily.
  • Sticky traps with pheromones may provide some control of German cockroaches.

Use Pet safe roach sprays to control infestation and protect your pets

  • Avoid using foggers, bombs, or aerosol sprays — they just disperse populations and are toxic to pets.
  • Ensure you read, understand and follow all label instructions before applying the roach sprays. Use only roach sprays that contain important instructions and precautions to ensure effectiveness and to protect the safety of humans and pets.
  • Avoid any spray that contains boric acid – it is toxic for your pets!
  • Choose products that contain plant oil extracts, such as clove oil, mint oil, neem tree seed oil, oil of thyme, phenethyl propionate and oil of rosemary to keep your pets safe while getting rid of roaches.

Use Pet safe roach repellents to protect your sensitive equipment

  • Due to roach repellant’s non-insecticidal feature, it causes directed movement away from the treated surface;
  • They have important uses in protecting merchandise in transport storage; sensitive equipment such as computers and protect humans, livestock and pets.
  • Ensure for such applications, repellents have low mammalian toxicity and relatively long residual activity.

What Makes A Cockroach Killer Pet Friendly?

The more toxic a pesticide is the more dangerous it is for your pets. The “active ingredient” is the stuff in pest control products that actually kill bugs or rodents, so you need to pay special attention to the back of the label.

For example, essential oils used in roach killers such as oils of cedar, cinnamon, citronella, citrus, clove, eugenol (a component of clove oil), garlic, mints, rosemary, and several others work most commonly by contact killing agents only, so re-treatment may be required.

Most of these essential oil ingredients used as pesticides work by disrupting an insect’s neurotransmitter that is not present in people, pets, or other vertebrates.

Roach killers that contain botanical oils are naturally occurring toxins extracted from plants. These plant-derived insecticides breakdown quickly in the environment resulting in a safe alternative natural option.

However, while these extracts rapidly break down and prove less risky for the health and environment, there is a need for frequent applications.

Are Regular Cockroach Killers Unsafe For Dogs And Cats?

The good news is today, roach poisons are not nearly as toxic to dogs and cats as they are to roaches. The bad news is that the containers they come in can be even more dangerous than poison.

For dogs, roach poison can be dangerous when ingested, whether directly consumed or indirectly by coming in contact with poison and then licking their paws and fur off.

Fortunately, roach poisons are not nearly as toxic to dogs as they once were.


This is because, fipronil – one of the most common ingredients in roach poisons, is also used in topical flea and tick treatments for dogs. So, ingestion does not necessarily pose a risk to a healthy dog.

However, the containers, such as roach bait containers, eaten along with the poison can cause serious intestinal problems.

The most common reason dogs eat roach bait is because they usually contain attractants like peanut butter and bread.

Zinc phosphide is another ingredient used in roach and other pesticides. It is a highly toxic substance for cats and pet owners need to ensure they check the ingredients of the roach poison before purchasing it.

Zinc phosphide is also commonly used by pest control professionals. So be sure to take your pets outside if you have called upon a professional to take care of your pests.

It’s also a good idea to keep pet toys, bedding, food, or anything else your pet may interact with away from the area where you apply any sort of pest control chemicals regardless of how “safe” they claim to be on the label.

This is because various breeds of cats and dogs respond differently to pest chemicals. Also the weight of your cat or dog will usually have an impact on their tolerance.

It goes without saying, to secure any pest control chemicals in a locked cabinet to ensure your cat or dog doesn’t accidentally ingest any chemicals!

What to do if your pet has ingested roach poison?

  • If you suspect your pet has ingested poison – rush to the vet! (Even if your pet is acting normal)
  • If your pet cannot be seen immediately, contact an animal poison control and wait for further instructions until a vet can perform an examination
  • Do NOT induce vomiting or give human medications without medical advice

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