Lumi Photo Printing Kit

Are you one of those creative beings who love to titillate their minds by doing something creative and refreshing every now and then? Here is one such product that will give you the satisfaction of time well spent while allowing you to print various designs on different surfaces and fabrics and this product is called Lumi Photo Printing Kit! With the use of this kit, you will be able to print anything without the involvement of any complicated procedures or bulky machinery.

What is Lumi Photo Printing Kit?

Lumi Photo Printing Kit is an innovative alternative to screen-printing that allows you to print any type of designs, logos or graphics on things like a t-shirt, a wall, or even a car! And all of this can be done just by using the power of sunlight. This is an awesome way to print t-shirts and textiles as per your wish without spending loads of money.

Lumi Photo Printing Kit review

How to use the Lumi Photo Printing Kit?

Using a Lumi Photo Printing Kit is very easy as compared to the results it will give you. Just follow the steps given below and you are all set to print the design you want on the surface of your choice.

  • The first step is to get a photo and have a black and white negative made with it.
  • Then simply apply the special Inkodye onto the fabric or the surface on which you want to print the design. Remove the excess amount using a paper towel
  • Now just keep the negative you have onto the dye-covered fabric and finally lay it out in the sunlight to dry for 10-20 minutes or until color reaches full saturation.
  • After finishing the process, wash the fabric with Inkowash to remove any excess Inkodye left on it.

Before getting Lumi Photo Printing Kit for yourself, you must be familiar with its basic features so read further to learn the same

Product Specifications

  • The Lumi dye is a water-based product and it works best and binds permanently on natural fabrics like cotton and silks.
  • There is no use of harsh chemicals in the making of this product which makes it completely human-friendly.
  • You don’t need to have any expensive equipment to use Lumi as the whole process of printing uses sunlight to print photos onto fabric.
  • This process is maintenance-free as the print is permanent and can be washed in a machine without fading
    You can use it in various ways as Inkodye can be brushed, rolled, dipped, stamped, stenciled, screen printed, etc.

Check all the pros and cons of this product below


  • Lumi Photo Printing Kit is great for people who are interested in making their own prints.
  • The ink used is so amazing that it leaves a soft feel on the fabric.
  • It’s a brilliant way to spend productive time with your family doing an activity that will be loved by both kids and adults.


  • Some of the users may find the product to be difficult to use. But this issue might be eliminated if instructions are followed thoroughly.
  • A few may say that the ink sample sizes are a little too small.

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Now you know everything you needed about Lumi Photo Printing Kit and we are sure you found it amusing and can’t wait to see how it works and what wonders it can create. So, don’t wait anymore and get this kit of joy for yourself or your near and dear ones and let the creativity come alive and spread everywhere!