the Lumen Aid Pack Light Maxx and Pack Light Nova. These are inflatable solar-powered lanterns that are lightweight, waterproof, and easy to pack. They are great for camping, hiking, or as part of a survival kit.

Features of the Lumen Aid Pack Light Maxx and Pack Light Nova

  • The lanterns pack down incredibly small and can be easily slipped into a backpack or glove box.
  • The lanterns have a solar panel on top which charges during the day. They also have an upgraded strap that holds them shut.
  • The adjustable strap detaches from the lantern, making it easy to hang on just about anything without needing any other hooks or ropes.
  • Both models have a charging indicator button that shows the level of charge. The Luminaid Max also has a USB port for charging.
  • Operation is simple – just hit the button to turn it on.

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Performance of the Lumen Aid Pack Light Maxx and Pack Light Nova

  • The Luminaid Nova maxes out at 75 lumens while the Luminaid Max maxes out at 150 lumens.
  • Both units float and are waterproof, making them ideal for fishing or boating trips.
  • Even on low setting, both models provide ample light with long runtimes (24 hours for Luminaid Nova and 50 hours for Luminaid Max).
  • When fully charged in direct sunlight, both models provide bright LED light.

Overall, these inflatable solar-powered lanterns are a great addition to any camping or survival kit. They are lightweight, easy to pack, and provide ample light with long runtimes. The adjustable strap and detachable feature make them very user-friendly.

Luminaid PackLite Inflatable Solar Lanterns

  • The speaker talks about the features of Luminaid PackLite inflatable solar lanterns.
  • Features of Luminaid PackLite Inflatable Solar Lanterns
  • The Luminaid PackLite comes in two sizes: Max and Nova.
  • The price for the Max is $29.99 and $14.99 for the Nova.
  • The Max has 150 lumens at its brightest and four different brightness levels.
  • The brightness levels are high, medium, low, and flash.
  • It is easy to clip it to anything such as a tree with its strap that has three different selectable lengths.
  • The Nova is smaller in size but still puts out a nice amount of light (75 lumens).

The Max would be great for your survival kit or bug-out bag for an RV car camping while the Nova would be perfect for backpacking trips or hammock camping.

How to Use Luminaid PackLite Inflatable Solar Lanterns

Deflating these lanterns is simple; you just undo the nozzle there and press down on it.

To turn on/off or change brightness levels, press the button located on top of the lantern.

When hanging them up, you get a lot more light which makes them perfect for lighting up your engine compartment if you had to do work.