Thanks to Deep Air Fryers and brands that make them compact, portable plus easy to use – we can have a picnic, eat fish and chips, chicken wings or anything else without moving a muscle. What felt like a larger than life, heavy duty machinery is shrunk to fit on your counter top and do the job for you without the spillage or the mess that comes with making deep-fried dishes. Whether it is surprising your kids with an after-school snack, prepping for a sudden visit from friends, or keeping with the cold weather with some hot onion rings, a deep fryer serves you more ways than one. But how easy or difficult is it to buy them? What is your choice? How do you sort them according to your budget or need? Let us find out all about that and more – scroll away.

Types Of Deep Fryers


Electric deep fryers are the most advanced and coming of age variants. It is best for domestic and indoor purposes. All you need s to plug and play by connecting it to a power outlet, select a preset program and finish cooking – all of this at the convenience of your kitchen countertop. These are easy to use, assemble and clean too.


Propane Fryers are your old school heavy duty fryers that need to be connected to a propane cylinder usually meant for outdoor purposes. It heats up pretty fast and gives a flaky texture to your food like nothing else ever does. But, you need to be wary of using it carefully and take all kinds of safety instructions.

Air Fryer

Air fryer might not be deep fryers in the real sense but these are game changers. You can still make your french fries, chicken, etc but without the oil. These come in all sizes, capacities, and price ranges. These circulate hot air inside the basket, replacing oil with hot air and making food 70% healthier.

10 Best Deep Fryer With Reviews

1. T-fal FR8000 3.5-Liter Immersion Deep Fryer

Liter Immersion

T-fal FR8000 Immersion Deep Fryer is one of the most functional but also fancy looking fryers because of it’s stainless steel bodies. It comes with a vented lid that stops oil from splattering, and also a transparent window to monitor the cooking progress. It is one of the only kind of deep fryers that lets you directly filter the oil into a separate container and lets you reuse it. The temperature control fluctuates slightly but the settings make it quite easy to work with. If you are on the lookout for your first deep fryer, this needs to be in your final list.


  • Can filter and store oil inside the fryer itself.
  • Value for money.
  • Non-stick interior.


  • There could be discrepancy in temperatures.
  • The heating coil is detached.

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2. Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer with Cool Touch, 2-Liter

Hamilton Beach Deep

You can fit an entire chicken and get it nicely done without having to space it in batches, or throw in more than 5 cups of potato chips for your family. It comes with temperature settings that allow you to change it according to the foods you are cooking. The cooking basket can be lifted out to drain oil, and all of it can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. The detachable magnetic cord makes storage easier, and something you don’t see in any other kind.


  • The cool touch side body protects your hands from burning.
  • Less messy, and easy to work with.
  • Heats up easily.
  • Magnetic power cord.


  • The only downside is it doesn’t come with a self timer.

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3. Breville Smart Fryer

Breville Smart Fryer

Breville Smart Fryer is not just smart looking but also has the smartest features. Like the temperature control for different kinds of foods, preset options, a window to monitor. A first and second fry setting that lets you throw in your cooking batch when you feel the need without shooting temperatures as the first time around. It comes with a large basket that lets you cook big batches and that makes it a breeze.


  • Preset options are customized for a variety of foods.
  • Draining the oil is easy.
  • Timer settings make cooking process a breeze.
  • Stainless steel body makes it look impeccable.


  • Cleaning can be a little difficult.
  • The metal edges might be a little too sharp.

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4. Presto GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer

Presto GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer

Simple, straightforward and easy to work with is what describes the Presto GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer. If you are looking for a fryer that is old school but is compact for indoor cooking it might be the right fit for you. It comes with a deep and big basket that lets you cook big batches of food. With a 1500 watts power capacity, it heats up pretty fast and cooks food in no time. Filling in oil and taking it out is quite easy too because it just comes with one basket.


  • Inexpensive but effective.
  • Big basket, easy to use.


  • Comes with a plastic lid which means you cannot work with a lid on.
  • It might be a little messy because of this.
  • No heat or food settings.

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5. Cuisinart Deep Fryer Stainless Steel

Cuisinart Deep Fryer Stainless Steel

Cuisinart is known for making kitchen tools that are not just functional but also make your countertops look prettier. Whether you are looking to cook wedges, fries, prawns, onion rings or even doughnuts Cuisinart can handle all of it with separate heat settings, large quantities and can be easily cleaned up too.


  • Pouring pout makes taking out oil a breeze.
  • Looks great on the counter top.
  • Compact but can cook large batches of food.
  • Easily detachable for cleaning.


  • Does not come with a filter.
  • The body is a little too light, and the metal edges are sharp.

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6. Secura 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer

Secura 1700-Watt Stainless

Secura 1700-watt series is one of the most sought-after deep fryers in the category. It comes with a dual basket functionality that lets you cook a batch of fries or fish at the same time, or you could cook up a bigger batch of fries. All the three baskets come with hooks that easily suspend, and drain out oil. The stainless steel body looks great, while the cooking window adds to the aesthetic and the functionality too. Self-timers, heat settings, and carbon-activated filters are all features that make this one irresistible.


  • Dual basket that lets you cook two things at one.
  • Heat control.
  • Automatic settings available.
  • Removable oil tank.


The magnetic plug gets unplugged very easily and that can be a little inconvenient sometimes.

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7. DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer


DeLonghi Roto Deep Fryer is one of the easiest deep fryers to work with. It comes with a patented oil draining system that takes away your fear of working with high temperatures and hot surfaces. The interior is non-sticky and comes with a dual filtration that puts odors at bay. If you are looking for a compact, stylish looking and smart fryer for a relatively smaller family size, this might be a good fit for you.


  • Adjustable thermostat for heat settings.
  • Great looking body.
  • Compact and easy to clean up.
  • Less messy when compared to others.


  • It takes a little longer to heat up.

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8. Gourmia Tri-Basket 4.2 qt. Stainless Steel


A compact, sleek and a great looking stainless steel deep fryer can cook batches up to 4.2 quarts and efficiently too. Whether it is wantons, chicken strips, fries, or fish you want to make, this fryer heats up in no time and is non-sense too. It comes with three baskets sizes and allows you cook in two baskets at once. The non-stick interior and carbon activated filters take care of smells or odors that usually come with deep frying.


  • Three mesh baskets with hooks.
  • Non-sticky interior.
  • LED-monitor display.
  • LockBlock technology eliminates the issue with crossover flavors.



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9. KRUPS KJ502D51 Professional

KRUPS KJ502D51 Professional

A full blown restaurant style deep fryer that makes cooking for a big family a breeze. With four preset functions and three large baskets, this fryer accommodates all your frying needs. However, if you are looking for customized results you can manually set the temperatures too. The huge window viewer lets you keep the fryer closed while letting you view the cooking progress.


  • Three baskets, and four heat settings.
  • It’s huge but compact.
  • Integrated odor filter.
  • Cool exterior.


  • Takes up a lot of oil.

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10. Chefman Deep Fryer 3.7 Quarts

Chefman Deep Fryer

Chefman Deep Fryer is everything a fryer needs to be for smaller families. With a stylish looking stainless steel exterior, a compact body, easy to work with baskets, viewing window, temperature control, immersion heating coil – it is perfect for achieving restaurant style results.


  • Inexpensive but effective.
  • Restaurant style results.
  • Compact and easy to work with.
  • Magnetic power cord.


  • Not meant for big families as it can cook only small quantities.

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How to Choose the Best Deep Fryer?

While there are overwhelming choices in the market, there are specific parameters that you will help you weed out the not-so-good-ones and narrow down on the best from the lot. Here’s a quick list for you to skim through.


Power becomes a deciding factor and how your food tastes ultimately depends on this. Go with fryers with higher watts and powerful enough to heat the oil in lesser time. It should reach the desired temperature so that the food gets cooked nice and crispy from the outside, and still retains the tenderness inside without being raw. Remember that lesser intensity means your food will absorb a lot of oil and is a no-no in any sense.


Take your family size into consideration, and that is a good place to start. Don’t take something that is too small because you will end up making too many small batches, neither go with the biggest size like the 12-cup basket if your kitchen doesn’t accommodate.

Temperature Settings

A lot of brands give you temperature control and pre-set programs with the heat setting for different kind of foods. If that’s too fancy, check if you can manually set it to a certain temperature. It can save you a lot of time.


Old school deep fryers are painful to clean – for one they are big, greasy and messy; two – there’s a layer of grime that forms and slowly starts to get rusty. Your alternative, go with a non-sticky basket and this is so important.


You are going to be dealing with a lot of oil, high temperatures and all things you need to be careful with, so understand how to assemble and detach the parts during the cooking process. Check if the handles, basket, hooks, etc are heat resistant. If in doubt, ask but be doubly sure.

Ease Of Use

All your kitchen appliances in the market right now are invariably dishwasher safe, so that’s an easy one to check. Again understand how easy it is for you to put the parts together, throw in the dishwasher and put them back, it should be smooth and straightforward, any complication in this process is not worth it in the long run.

What Is The Best Oil To Use In A Deep Fryer?

You need oils that have a higher smoke point, that is at least 400 F or above. Smoke point is when will starting fuming and can even catch fire – so choose oils with a minimum of 350 to 400 F smoke point. Another factor is to look for oils that are slightly healthier which means you need unsaturated fats that are better than the rest. Peanut oil, safflower, and avocado are healthier choices. You can also choose rice bran, sunflower and canola oils, all of which are suitable for deep frying.

How Long Can You Keep Oil In A Deep Fryer?

The short answer is ‘No’. It’s best you do not leave the oil in the fryer for longer periods of time, but if you think you are going to be cooking a batch in a few hours you can leave it in there. If you want to reuse the oil, let the oil cool down completely first, and filter it using a muslin cloth or a mesh. Transfer it into an airtight glass bottle and save it in the pantry, a dark place, or in the fridge. When you reuse the oil again, pay attention to the smoke point and if the oil is turning black, fuming or giving out a funny smell. At this point, you know you need to trash it out.

How Long Do You Cook Chicken Wings In A Deep Fryer?

Chicken wings take about 10 minutes to get well done. Take it out and blot it on a kitchen towel.

We hope that list takes care of everything you needed to know about deep fryers. It is one of those kitchen tools you don’t buy every day, so do not compromise over a few extra bucks because you will soon realize it’s worth everything you finally invest in these. Do your research, know your needs, finalize and finally take the plunge.
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