Are you looking for a grill brush that will actually get your grill clean? Grills are one of the most challenging items to clean after use. The grates can gather a mix of coal, sauce, food bits, and other gunk. When it goes cold and dries up, the mixture latches onto the grill.

A grill brush is a solution that allows you to clean it while it’s still warm without risking a burn.

There are different types of grill cleaning brushes, and they are not equal.

Some will work better than others, depending on the grill.

Learning about their use and their materials can help you get the best cleaning implement for easier cleaning.

Our Overall #1 Rated PickGrill Rescue

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Our top pick is the Grill Rescue Grill Brush because it is the highest quality and safest grill brush you can find.

They are located right here in the USA and a portion of all profits go to first responders. It was invented by a firefighter, so you know it can withstand high-heat!

Whether you want it for regular use or when you want to deep clean your grill grates, Grill Rescue won’t let you down.

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Top 5 Best Grill Brushes

In a hurry? Check out our top 5 grill cleaning brushes! Keep reading to discover more about our top picks.

Now that we’ve covered everything about grill brushes and cleaning, it’s time to feature some of the best products on the market.

1: Grill Rescue

The Grill Rescue Brush and Scraper is the best grill brush on the market.

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It has a stainless steel scraper and a durable brush designed to save you from getting hot steam on your skin.
You can clean it in the dishwasher, and the head is detachable for easy cleaning or replacement.
This is one of those purchases that makes you feel good too! It was designed by a firefighter and they donate a portion of their profits to first responders.

If you’re looking for an ordinary grill brush, keep reading. But if you want the best, and I mean thee best, this is it.


Uses Steam For Prestine Clean
Easy To Use – No Scrubbing
Actually Gets Your Grill Clean


You’re paying for quality, so it’s not as cheap (or cheaply made) as other options.

2: Alpha Grillers

The Alpha Grillers Grill Brush is a versatile and heavy-duty tool. It has many bristles that are angled in a way that allows you to brush your grill thoroughly.


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The developers tested it to work on all grill types, including porcelain, cast iron, and stainless steel.

The brush also has a stainless steel scraper for hard-to-clean residue.

It works well for grilling enthusiasts and those who grill often.

However, you should replace the brush immediately if you notice that the bristles are loosening.


Durable Design
Quickly Knocks All The Residue Off
Long Design For No Burnt Hands


Using metal bristles is dangerous and can become a health hazard. Please be careful when using metal bristles.

3: Grillaholics

If you don’t want to risk any accidents with metal wire brushes, then a nylon brush is a safer alternative.
Grillaholics bristles are sturdy and thick, so it has a great lifespan.


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It also features a removable head that’s easy to replace once worn out.

The bright red bristles make them easy to see if they fall off after cleaning.

They’re also thicker to ensure that they’re easy to spot while adding to the brush’s durability.

It has a hook for hanging and a long angled handle for easy use.


Bristle Free Alternative
Great Customer Service
Safe on porcelain and chrome grill grates


Must allow the grill to cool before cleaning with nylon
May need to deep clean with other products occassionally

4: Weber

Weber’s wide-shaped brush makes it easy to clean multiple parts of the grill. It’s efficient, and the short sides with brushes work best for cleaning edges.


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It has an ergonomic handle and one of the longest ones, adding extra safety against heat.

The best time to use the brush is after 15 minutes of preheating the grill.

Weber (and us at TheGrillingDad) advises against using the brush if you notice that some of the bristles are loose.

Once that happens, the best option is to replace it with a new brush.

The advisable replacement period is once a season if you’re a frequent griller.

Its design works best for deep cleaning and reaching those hard-to-reach areas.


Durable Bristles (but be careful)
Good Length For Cleaning
Designed To Get Nooks and Crannies


The wire between the handle and brush isn’t as sturdy as the rest of the product
Doesn’t have a scraper to clean tough char

5: Cuisinart

The Cuisinart Grill Cleaning Brush is stainless steel and budget-friendly. It’s durable and very easy to keep clean. A clean brush is necessary for a clean grill.


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I recommend using the scraper end first before using the brush itself.

The stainless steel material protects it from rust while also adding to its durability.

It also has a hanging hook end, so it’s easy to hang it after use.

If in a pinch, it’ll get the job done. If you’re a frequent griller, however, I’d opt to spend a bit more for a lot higher quality.


Budget Price
Angled Handle
Scraper Attached


Using metal bristles is dangerous and can be a health hazard
These bristles don’t do well in high heat. Let your grill cool before using.

What Kind of Grill Brush Is Safe?

The safest grill brush is one that you can use on a hot grilling surface safely.

Some grill brushes warn against heat, meaning that there is a higher risk of getting burnt.

It also means that the material isn’t resilient enough to handle hot temperatures, making it degrade fast.

Also, make sure that the materials used are food-grade.

For example, food-grade stainless steel bristles are a common choice. For the head, metal or food-grade plastic helps ensure that the bristles stay in place. You can also use one made from brass.

You should check the bristles if they are thick enough and spring back into place. You’ll also notice that they have even cuts and are firmly set.

If it’s easy to pull the bristles off the brush, then it’s likely unsafe.

Quality is more important than the price when it comes to buying the best grill brush.

You can find really cheap grill brushes, but they may not be the safest for you and your family.

You should always replace the brush head if you notice any damage.

Some indications that you need a replacement include:

  • Bent bristles
  • Damaged bristles
  • Brush starting to accumulate debris

Do note that many people have had bad experiences with metal bristles.

There is a risk of the metal bristles falling off and contaminating food.
It can lead to trips to the emergency room if a metal bristle gets stuck somewhere in your body.
The best practice is to check the food thoroughly before consumption.

Another way to avoid this issue altogether is to use brushes that don’t have any metal wire. This decreases the chance of health risks.

Combining different types of cleaning with a safer brush is better than risking your health on a metal-wired one.

What Are the Different Types of Materials Used?

There are several types of grill brushes available, differentiated by their material.


The horseshoe grill brush is lightweight, with its metal handle providing enough reach so that you don’t get burnt while cleaning.

It has a horseshoe-shaped attachment on the brush that connects the handle to it.

The brush head itself can come in a variety of materials. Popular ones include stainless steel, flat wire, and round wire.


A metal grill brush is a versatile option that can work on most grills.

It has a wide triangle head that you can fit between the grills for better cleaning.

It also connects to a long handle for safety.

Most metal grill brushes have stainless steel bristles intended for long-lasting use.

It’s an ideal option for cleaning small spaces, grates, and burner tubes.

Its design is also slender, making it easy to clean between the grates.

Stainless Steel

Aside from stainless steel wire bristles, this grill brush has a stainless steel scraper at the backside of the grill brush.

It helps cling on and remove bad grill surfaces without much hassle.

You can use the scraper for sturdy areas that a grill brush cannot take care of.

Its design incorporates three ways to clean, making your work efficient.

A stainless grill brush also works for all types of grills.

You won’t have to worry about using it for infrared or porcelain grills.

It’s very durable and heat resistant. The scraper is also a nice touch that deals with stubborn stains.


Nylon is an ideal material you can use for porcelain grill grates.

Porcelain often requires softer brushes to avoid getting any damage.

Nylon is the best material if you want a soft-bristled grill brush.

These bristles often have an abrasive infusion that helps the entire bristle strand clean. It also has an angle that you can use for most grates.

Nylon brushes often use the latest technology and can work for cold surfaces. Some also come with a multi-blade scraper to remove tough stains.

If the brush head gets any damage, you can easily replace it, as it is removable.


As the name implies, this grill brush is battery-powered.

The power you get from the electric charge helps lighten the workload when cleaning the grill.

Electric brushes are ideal for waffle makers, electric grills, and panini presses. Their bristles are soft, which makes them useful for cleaning non-stick cookware.

They also usually have a silicone wiper blade to remove grease and stuck food.

The handle is also non-slip so you don’t accidentally let go of it during use.

Electric brushes aren’t ideal for use with ostensible grills.

They also have a temperature limit of 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aramid Fiber

Do you know that material firefighters’ uniforms have in them? That’s aramid fiber.

It is extremely durable and arguably the best heat-resistant material to clean your grill with.

Using aramid fiber is what Grill Rescue (created by a firefighter) decided to do when they made their grill brush.

It uses steam to safely clean your grill. The coolest part, in my opinion, is you can wash it in the dishwasher to keep a clean brush head after a gnarly cleaning.

What Is the Best Type of Grill Brush?

The best grill brush is sturdy and versatile.

It can work with all types of grills and clean them thoroughly.

It’s also important to choose a grill brush that you can use for long periods.

They must also have enough length to keep you far from heat and fire if necessary.

Ideally, you want a brush that has a secondary feature like a scraper, which adds to its versatility.

The brush head should also be easily replaceable.

What Kind of Brush Should I Use to Clean My Grill?

Depending on how often you use your grill, you should have different options for materials.

Nylon bristles work best for porcelain grills, while a metal brush can work with most other grills.

You can use electric brushes for electric grills but avoid using them at very high temperatures.

You can’t go wrong using a grill brush that works on any charcoal, gas, or pellet grill like the brush and scraper from Grill Rescue (full review above).

What Do You Look for When Buying A Grill Brush?

The best way to clean your grill is to do it while it’s still warm.

With that in consideration, the first thing you need to look for in a good grill brush is a long handle. It keeps you safe from any burns and allows you to brush the grill at all angles.

Also, look for a brush handle that fits comfortably in your hand.

The next thing to consider is a sturdy material.

You want a sturdy brush and one you can use for a long time. The material of the brush head and handle can range from high-quality, food-grade plastic to metal.

While metal wire brushes are a popular option, they are not always advisable.

Go for a brush that has no metal bristles.

  • These bristles can break off easily and remain in the grill.
  • They can then contaminate the food you’re cooking.
  • They’re small enough that you won’t notice them until they cause damage.
  • The last thing to check is if the brush is versatile enough to clean at many angles.

It eases the work you need to do if it can work the sides and underside of the grill and easily clean in between the grills.

It should also have some form of scraper for those harder to clean areas. The best grill brushes often have this feature included.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Grill Grates?

Step 1: Burnoff

  • The easiest way to deep clean grates is to start with a burnoff method.
  • Shuffle the coals around, or if you’re using an electric or propane grill, turn the burners on high.
  • The heat will help break down some of the leftover grease.
  • Leave it on for 15 minutes and then turn off the heat.

Step 2: Scrape

  • Begin scraping with your grill brush.
  • I always start by using the metal scrape attached to the brush. It gets all the big chunks off first.
  • Then I go back and use the head of the brush (I am addicted to using mine from Grill Rescue).
  • I do this step until the residue and grease is gone — usually a few pass overs.

Step 3: Use Soap, Vinegar, or Steam


  • After thoroughly scraping the grates, it’s best to soak them in soapy water for an hour.
  • It sanitizes and cleans the grill further.
  • After rinsing, return the grates to the grill and warm them. Do some additional scrubbing to clean the remaining residue.


  • If you’re not a fan of using soapy water, an alternative is a mixture of vinegar and water.
  • Use equal amounts of each and place them in a spray bottle.
  • After spraying, let the mixture sit on the grill for 10 minutes before cleaning it once again with the grill brush.


  • Another option is to steam your grill.
  • After heating it, place a large tin can filled with water onto the grates.
  • Then close the lid to let the steam flow through the grill for the next half hour.

Step 4: Remove Residue

  • After you’ve burned off excess debris from the grill, scraped it, used some sort of deep cleaning method, it’s time to scrub any leftover food residue.
  • There shouldn’t be much left, but if there is, get it off thoroughly for a nice looking grill.

Is Grill Rescue legitimate?

Grill Rescue doesn’t use any bristles making it 100% safe to use. In addition, their grill brush is made from high-quality materials and Grill Rescue is the best grill brush to actually clean your grill.

What is the safest way to clean a grill?

The safest way to clean a grill is to use steam. It avoids harmful bristles that can be ingested. Also, steam cleans your grill grates for a sanitary finish.

Final Thoughts on Cleaning Your Grill

Grill brushes are a must for cleaning and sanitizing.

They keep you safe from:

  • Harmful bacteria
  • Carcinogens

And other materials that could stick to your food

When it comes to grill brushes, you want to choose one that’s safer.

Many like using metal grill brushes, but they come with a higher risk of food contamination.

Using nylon brushes is a safer option than metal brushes, but the bristles also fall off. They also only work best when used with porcelain grills.

Grill Rescue’s Brush and Scraper is the safest, and steam cleaning is an effective way to remove bacteria.

Remember to stock up on a few replacement brush heads once you’ve cleaned your grill a bunch of times.