While the locking system date back more than a thousand years, the key and lock systems have improved a lot over time. Despite this, the basic locking mechanism is still the same where there’s a piece of metal that is being pushed inside a lock in a proper position. And to unlock, you remove the same metal piece from that position. With so many security issues and thefts, it is very important to invest in the best lock for your home.

With so much advancement in technology, one another masterpiece is a smart lock. The digital locks are highly configurable ones. It has many configurable settings such as the owner can generate the record of when was the door opened and by which family member. You can even give temporary access to your guests or housekeepers.

Are smart locks really better?

Smart locks are any time better than traditional locks. It is very simple and trustworthy. It is configurable and the most important part – you will no longer have to worry about the lost keys or gate crashers. Even though some people feel that since it is digitalized, the passwords can be hacked. But, the proximity sensors of the locks are protected by WPA2 security which is hard to penetrate.

5 Best Smart Locks Fro Home

To know more about its benefits, let’s have a look at the best smart locks that you can buy to ensure the safety of your house.

1. August Smart Lock, 2nd Generation, HomeKit enabled (Silver)

August Smart Lock

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If you are looking for the smart lock with all the advanced technologies, the August Smart Lock is the one for you. The device allows you to keep a tab on who is entering your house and leaving your home at the same time. And, you can do all these using your smartphone. It is very easy to install the camera and offers you all the latest technologies that a smart lock must provide.

The app allows you to check if the door is locked or not and it automatically opens up. Also, if you are leaving the house in a rush, the app locks the door automatically. To unlock the full potential of the device, you will pair it up with the Wi-Fi bridge. Let’s check out some other features of this smart lock.


  • It is very easy to install.
  • It allows voice activation functionality.
  • It supports IFTTT.
  • It also allows Geofencing.
  • It has a sleek and modern design.
  • It is sold with a Wi-Fi bridge.
  • It grants you easy and keyless access.
  • It allows you to send keyless codes to your visitors or housekeepers.
  • You can control the device using Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • Even though it allows you to control the device remotely, it requires some additional components.

2. Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen

Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth

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The Ultaloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Smart Lock offers some of the most amazing features and access which no other smart lock offers. Do you prefer versatility? If yes, this device is the perfect choice for you. It includes all the features that the digital world demands today – you can connect it to the Bluetooth and even if you do not have the passcode, you can unlock it using your fingerprint. Thus, it allows you to enter the house without a key, with a fingerprint, with a passcode, using your smartphone, and a traditional key as well.

The smart lock also has a special anti-peep feature. This will make sure that even if someone is trying to overlook the password that you are entering, he/she won’t be able to do so. Let’s check out some pros and cons of this smart lock.


  • It has a long battery life. It is equipped with a low battery alarm which notifies you whenever the battery is about to die.
  • The installation process of this smart lock is very, and you can do it by yourself.
  • The packaging of the entire kit is very nice.
  • It is weatherproof. Thus, no matter how much it rains, the lock never develops rust.
  • It has a special anti-peep feature.
  • It lets you check the logs via the app.


  • Even though it has a Bluetooth feature, it needs a bit of improvisation.

3. August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, 3rd gen technology

August Smart Lock

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If you are tired of fumbling the locks with keys and are always worried about whether you locked the house properly before leaving, the August Smart Lock Pro+ is the best choice for you. It lets you simplify the process of locking and unlocking your home and make it hassle-free. With this smart lock, you will not have to worry about making spare keys for your children, housekeepers or even placing your keys at some safe place. Along with it, the device also allows you to check the status of the lock – whether it is locked or unlocked whenever you are away viz the app on your smartphone.

Now, let’s check out some pros and cons of this smart lock.


  • It is very easy to install.
  • It supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • You can also connect it to Z-Wave.
  • The package includes a Wi-Fi bridge and a door sensor. Thus, you don’t have to buy them separately.
  • It works with voice commands such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.
  • It supports Geofencing.
  • It supports IFTTT.
  • It has a long battery life.
  • It opens and shuts the lock automatically for you.


  • It is a bit expensive when compared to other products with similar functionality.
  • It works with only single-cylinder deadbolts.

4. Kwikset Kevo (2nd Gen) Touch-to-Open Bluetooth Smart Lock

Kwikset Kevo

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The Kwikset Kevo is a famous and big brand when it comes to smart locks. As soon as it was launched in the market, it started dominating the competition because of its touch-to-open Bluetooth feature.

It lets you open the lock with both radio frequency identification and the Bluetooth connection. Thus, being a customer, you can either open the door using your smartphone or using a key fob that comes along with the lock.

Let’s check out some pros and cons of this smart lock.


  • The installation and calibration process is very easy.
  • It is a responsive device.
  • The design is sleek and modern.
  • You can integrate it with other third-party devices.
  • The device allows you to create up to 16 access codes for your convenience.
  • It is compatible with a thermostat. Thus, you can use the device to manage the heating system at your home.
  • The performance is very good and long lasting.
  • It offers great customer support service.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • It doesn’t support voice-control commands.
  • You will have to invest an extra penny on remote control management.
  • If you wish to have extra eKeys or fobs, you will have to buy them separately.
  • You still don’t get rid of the worry of losing a key.
  • The LED lights are not of great quality and need some improvisation.

5. TurboLock TL-100 Bluetooth Smart Lock with in-App Monitoring

TurboLock TL

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The TurboLock TL-100 Bluetooth Smart Lock makes sure to elevate the security of your house and business. It is so good at its job that calling it a smart device itself is an understatement. It allows you to share the eKeys with your family and friends. It also allows you to check the history, manage the number of users using the app, and also check the status of the key in real time. It is made up of premium quality material, and thus, it is dirt and dust resistant.

Let’s check out some other features of this smart lock.


  • The installation process is very easy requires just a screwdriver.
  • It is weatherproof.
  • It offers a long battery life.
  • It offers a passive mode for high-traffic events.
  • It features an auto-lock functionality.
  • It comes with an eKey technology that allows you to share the eKeys with your friends and family.
  • You can even give temporary access to your guests if you wish to.
  • The app is available for both Android and iOS users.
  • It comes with a warranty of 1 year.


  • Some users don’t find the mounting process very convenient.

What to consider when buying a smart lock?

You must be very careful while buying a smart lock as your home’s security is dependent on it. Mentioned below are some factors that you must consider before buying one.

  1. It should be easy to install. There are two types of models – one requires minor changes to your current deadbolt while the other requires full revamp of the deadbolt. It should be easy to fix, and you need not be a techie to do so.
  1. It should provide you remote control. While Bluetooth enabled locks provide you access in limited proximity, Internet-enabled smart locks let you control the lock from anywhere in the world.
  1. It should offer smart home integration. It is a very important feature if you are looking for security as well as convenience. Once connected to the Wi-Fi router, you must have control over all the devices.
  1. It should respond to voice control commands and thus, must be compatible with Alexa or Siri or Google Assistant.
  1. It is always good and preferable if the smart lock is not connected to the hub. Smart locks must work independently and need not have to be connected to the hub.
  1. The app should be easy to use, and you must be able to control the device using other third-party features too.
  1. It is always a smart move to buy locks which are certified by quality standards.
  1. It must offer a long-lasting battery life.
  1. It should be a good product with at an affordable price.
  1. It should offer you quick access to your door. And last but not the least, it must be compatible with your door.

We hope these reviews and user guide help you find the best smart lock for your house.

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