PureAyre – All-Natural Plant-Based Pet Odor Eliminator

Are you a big fan of the fragrant and heavenly smelling home but having pets like cats and dogs and their peeing spree is making it impossible? PureAyre is the product that will make it possible for you which helps in removing any kind of odor from your place and keeps it smelling amazing all the time.

What is PureAyre? Is it safe?

PureAyre is a huge line of natural “food-grade” odor eliminators which works like magic. This product is completely non-toxic so that you can use is anywhere without worrying about the safety of your loved ones.

Even though there is no use of harsh toxins or chemicals, PureAyre is strong enough to eliminate all kinds of odors like a cat or skunk urine. The way it is prepared, you can directly spray it on animals or people and it still will be completely safe.

How PureAyre Works?

PureAyre is made of organic plant-derived enzymes, purified water, and essential oils which makes it really effective. These ingredients specially target to break the bonds of all odor-causing compounds. It removes the bonds of the molecules that cause all the odor-creating compounds.

PureAyre uses exact enzymes in proper amounts to be this effective and strong without any bad effects. It cleanses the air and helps you get rid of the source of odors leaving fresh and pure air behind.

How to Use PureAyre?

It is very easy to use PureAyre. You can spray, pour, or even inject it as per the requirement of the situation at hand. After its application, it helps in eliminating the odors around your home, workplace, vehicle or wherever you want to use it. It is extremely effective in removing the odors caused due to pet waste, human waste, urine, cigarette smoke at various places like around the house, hotels, health care places, or even directly on pets, etc.

Product details

Check out all the detailed features of PureAyre below

  • PureAyre is designed using NZ enzyme-based technology that is extremely effective. It helps in getting rid of all kinds of odors.
  • This spray contains food-grade which makes it an extremely safe odor eliminator. Therefore you can use it directly on food, animals, and people.
  • You can use it everywhere from draperies, furniture to carpets, bathrooms, closets, etc. while removing stains.
  • This environment-friendly product starts working instantly and eliminates all organic and chemical Odors.

Check all the pros and cons of PureAyre below


  • PureAyre leaves your home looking clean and odor-free without any bad consequences as it does not contain any chemicals, toxins or artificial fragrances.
  • It not only covers but eliminates the odor of cat, skunk, dog, etc. urine quickly.
  • This product is great for those that suffer from Asthma or any similar diseases as it is very safe to use.
  • This spray is 100% readily biodegradable which adds on to its benefits.


  • The design of the spraying bottle might not seem to be very convenient to some users and it might create difficulty in use.
  • Some of you may find that the product leaves stains after application.

Where do you buy it?

You can buy PureAyre from various places. Below we have provided the links for different sites from where you can get this product

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Are there any alternate products?

There are some alternative products for PureAyre. Check the list below

Thornell Cat Odor-Off

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Dog Odor Off 

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Now you know that PureAyre is the perfect product to get rid of all kinds of bad odors without causing any mess or without spreading any toxins or chemicals. So, what are you waiting for? Get this one for yourself and enjoy odor-free and home!

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