PurePort Multi Tool Kit For Mobile Phones

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PurePort is a company that makes tech accessories. We provide IT enthusiasts with cutting-edge and much-needed products. The PurePort Multi-tool is the only tool on the market that is specifically designed to properly remove lint and other debris from the charging port on iPhones and iPads. Other non-specific tools often damage the connectors. PurePort also removes oxidation from lighting wires, returning them to their original condition. PurePort will astound you!

PurePort Multi-Tool Kit, Clean & Repair iPhone and iPad Ports, Cables and Connectors - Remove Lint, Dust, Dirt Safely and Easily - Fix Unreliable Charging and Bad Connections
  • THE ESSENTIAL CLEANING & MAINTENANCE TOOL FOR IPHONE & IPAD. The complete solution to keep your...
  • SOLVE INTERMITTENT CONNECTION ISSUES. Tired of *annoying* intermittent connections when charging...
  • TOOLS 1 - 3 CLEAN & REVIVE APPLE LIGHTNING PORTS. Clear lint, hair, fluff, dust, oils and other...

How Does It Work?

  • Dust, lint, hair, and skin oil are removed from iPhones and iPads. Ports for lightning
  • Cleans and revitalises cable and accessory connectors.
  • Speakers, microphone, and switches are all cleaned.
  • A tiny multi-tool with six instruments, as well as a cleaning solution and a microfiber surface cloth.

PurePort Multi-Tool is a program that lets you do a lot of The iPhone and iPad’s Must-Have Cleaning & Maintenance Multi-Tool.

With PurePort, you can fix intermittent connectivity issues, revive damaged cable connectors, and extend the life of your iPhone or iPad and accessories.

Debris, corrosion, and muck should be kept out of your Lightning ports, switches, microphone, speakers, and connectors.

Honestly, I’m amazed. Before I got this, I was looking at buying a new iPhone. I’ve been fussing Witt the charger cord for months. I had to hold it in certain positions, it would always randomly stop charging. I bought a new charging cord.

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