PolyGlide Synthetic Home Ice Kit

Are you one of those skating or hockey enthusiasts who would love to practice all such games at the convenience and comfort of your home? We have brought you an extremely practical, simple, and affordable solution – PolyGlide Synthetic Ice! It consists of easy to install synthetic ice panels that will help you set up your own ice rink in a matter of minutes.

What is PolyGlide Synthetic Ice?

PolyGlide Synthetic Ice is the perfect setup for you if you love to skate, play hockey, puck, or any such games. This innovation can be a great help for the people who are coaches or individual players or hobbyists of similar games that require ice.

With the help of PolyGlide, you can create an ideal space at your home that will allow you to upgrade your skating skills. With these synthetic Ice panels, you practice your games both indoors and outdoors as it provides the latest technology in synthetic ice surface that is durable and lasts really long in various circumstances.

Key Features of PolyGlide Synthetic Ice

Before getting yourself this amazing product you must get accustomed to all its basic characteristics so that your purchase will be thought through.

  • PolyGlide Synthetic Ice is an easy solution to convert your playroom, garage or outdoor patio into a home ice rink.
  • This product takes very little time to create a place where you can skate. Due to its solid core and double-sided panels you can skate on both sides.
  • This panel is self-lubricating therefore it doesn’t require any additional enhancer or spraying for it to keep slick.
  • This premium grade synthetic ice surface will provide you an optimum glide with the least efforts.
  • This lightweight and portable product is UV stabilized and also it is very easy to set-up and even breaks down.

Where Can Synthetic Ice be Installed?

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a hobbyist, if you are into games like skating, ice hockey, puck, etc and wish to practice it at the comfort and convenience of your own place then Synthetic Ice is for you. You can install it in both indoor and outdoor places from the home basement, yard, patio to garage layout. It totally depends on your priorities and availability of a place and your choice of where you want to get trained.

PolyGlide Synthetic Home Ice Kit

Here are some pros and cons of using PolyGlide Synthetic Ice


  • PolyGlide Synthetic Ice goes together and glides in effortlessly.
  • The process of installation is very quick and easy. The tiles get assembled with extreme ease.
  • The surface created by PolyGlide Synthetic Ice is perfect for practicing everything from puck handling to slap shots.


  • Even though it comes with a lubricating factor, you may need to lubricate it with some silicone spray once in a while.
  • It is definitely more than adequate for playing hockey, but it might require a bit more effort to skate that will probably pay off in terms of strength training.

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Reasons Why You Should Use Synthetic Ice?

If you are still unsure about using Synthetic Ice for your place, then here are a few reasons for you to get it.

  • Synthetic ice is a replica of real ice but it requires more efforts to play on it that helps you strength building
  • It will give you an experience of playing on the ice when it isn’t possible to acquire ice time.
  • This is an environmentally-friendly solution that is less costly than the alternatives to real ice.
  • The quality of synthetic ice is usually so good that it doesn’t damage skates like older technologies.
  • It comes with a variety of options available with respect to sizes and configurations.
  • The rinks made using synthetic ice are very easy to set up and maintain.

Now you have more than enough reasons to install PolyGlide Synthetic Ice at your place and also you are well familiar with its key features and advantages too. So don’t wait more and get it for yourself and convert your backyard, patio, or even a garage place into a skating training rink.