Pricetitution Card Game Review

Planning a game night or a cozy hangout but bored of playing all those same games repeatedly? Here is an all-new board game that is completely relatable to you and is very innovative at the same time – Pricetitution Card Game! This game will not only let you have unforgettable fun with your guests or loved ones but also will connect you all in a way you never imagined before.

What is Pricetitution Card Game?

shark tank Pricetitution Card Game Review

Pricetitution is one of a kind card game where you guess how much money it would take your friends to do completely weird and absurd things. And how close your guess was to the real spending of your friend will kind of decide how well you know them and this absurdity is loads of fun when you actually play the game. It is one of the best adult card games available that allows you to explore your fears, funny ideas, and philosophical arguments.

The game contains 130 price tag cards, guessing notepads, six mini-pencils, and simple instructions in a handheld box. You can also modify the details of the cards according to the company you are having or the traits of your friends. This game is perfect for parties, game nights, casual hangouts, or any such occasion and to add to the fun, you will get to know your buddies way better than you thought just while playing this game.

Shark Tank Pricetitution Card Game Instructions

The cards in Pricetitution contain some crazy, goofy tasks in it. One person will select a card and other players simply have to guess the amount the one holding the card will take to complete the task in it.

This game is made from the conversations you already have and in each round, you will tell how much money it would take one player to do what a card says by using your hunch and intuition. And the one who has guessed the closest will be the winner!


  • No matter if you are best friends or complete strangers, Pricetitution is the best and most crazy and fun way to connect with them.
  • It is an amazing source of entertainment and the time spent playing Pricetitution will sure be memorable.


  • Some of you may find a few questions to be a little uncomfortable while playing with the whole family and around kids. But for that, you just need to take out “adult humor” cards and this won’t be a problem.

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What are the questions in Pricetitution Card Game?

The questions in the Pricetitution Card Game are completely trivial, crazy, absurd and of course funny! It has questions like “would you show us the last picture you took?”, “how much money would it take me to shave one eyebrow right now?”, or “how much money would it take me to delete all my social media accounts with no explanation?” and the list of silliness goes on. You definitely got an idea of what kind of funny and entertaining questions these cards hold.

How many people play this card game?

A group of three or more people can play Pricetitution.

How long does it take to play?

There is no restricted time for playing Pricetitution; after all its a game but it may take from 30 minutes to 3 hours of time generally depending upon you and your company.

What is the basic age to play this game?

Ideally, this game is for the people for the age of 16 and above but if you want to play it with kids, you can too. Just remove 15-20 more “adult humor” cards and you are good to play it with all of them.

So, get this amazing Shark Tank Pricetitution Card Game for yourself and let the fun begin!

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