Planning to add a mouse pad to your gaming arsenal? Upgrading even the simplest elements of your gaming set up can add a significant boost to your performance. A gaming mouse lets you have the proper traction along with a variety of features. It offers the best texture and surface space, which helps in maintaining a proper DPI. A good gaming mouse pad can provide consistent stability and precision that is required while playing an online game.

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Many people prefer using smaller pads, whereas there are few people who prefer extended or oversized pads. No matter what type of gaming you prefer – extended gaming or small gaming, hard gaming, or soft gaming, we have shortlisted a mouse pad for you. Let’s have a look!

10 Best Gaming Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest

1. VicTsing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

VicTsing Extended Gaming


Do you prefer a mouse pad which is larger in size and comfortable to use? If yes, you can consider buying VicTsing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad. It is an ideal pad for office work or gaming. It promises to offer its users a comfortable and perfect user experience. The pad has a finely textured surface which provides a unique and extraordinary combination of speed and control for the sensors of your computer’s mouse.

The pad has a non-slip rubber base which intends to offer a grip to the mouse even on reflective surfaces. It doesn’t let you get distracted by the continuous slide of the mouse pad while you are playing an intense game. The mouse pad features a durable and stitched edges which prevent the pad from fraying and degumming. It also helps in enhancing the aesthetic and the lifespan of the mouse pad. It is a waterproof mouse pad and is certified by ROHS. It is made up of environmentally friendly materials and is safe to use. The pad is designed with superfine fiber-braided material. This allows a smooth and faster movement of the mouse. The pad is very well optimized for a faster movement.

2. Ktrio Extended Gaming Mouse Pad with Stitched Edges

Ktrio Extended Gaming


Are you looking for an extended mouse pad? The Ktrio Gaming Mouse Pad is a perfect pad for gamers and computer users who like to optimize their work on computer or desktop and have a better control over their mouse.
It has a smooth and textured cloth surface which can comfortably accommodate a keyboard and a mouse. It has a non-slip rubber base which helps in preventing the mouse from sliding or prevents unwanted movements. It also has a durable anti-fraying stitched frame that protects the desk surface from any damage. If you are looking for an efficient and a cost-effective mouse pad, the Ktrio Mouse Pad can be considered as one of the best choices for you.

3. AmazonBasics XXL Gaming Computer Mouse Pad – Black

AmazonBasics XXL


Amazon, no doubt, is planning to take over the world. And to fulfill this, they have introduced their line of gaming accessories too. One of the accessories includes a computer mouse pad. It doesn’t look as fancy as other brands, but it does not compromise with the quality either. It has a thick rubber base which offers plenty of grip.

It is an excellent choice for graphic designers or hardcore gamers. Especially if you spend a lot of time on the computer, you are going to love this mouse pad. It has a sleek design, but it also offers a smooth gliding and excellent control for enhanced precision.

The Amazon gaming mouse pad offers a smooth, high-quality cloth surface which promotes a snag-free gliding. It helps you keep the mouse in control and focused. It has a 2mm rubber base which effectively maintains the grip on whichever surface you use the pad. The mouse pad is so large in size that it promotes an optimal gaming experience. This is one of the favorite mouse pads of hardcore gamers, and it entered the top list very quickly.

4. AUKEY Gaming Mouse Pad Large XXL

AUKEY Gaming Mouse


When it comes to pure speed and low tactile performance, nothing can beat the solid and the hard surface that the AUKEY Gaming Mouse Pad provides. Most gamers prefer subtle and rapid mouse movements. Thus, they look for slick, low friction areas that allow them to glide their mouse with ease. This is exactly what AUKEY Gaming Mouse pads focus on.

It has a soft cloth surface with a rubber face which ensures a precise and accurate mouse control. It also focusses on providing consistent stability on your desk. It is very large in size and can easily accommodate your mouse along with the keyboard (a full-sized one). Thus, it provides plenty of room for your office work or a professional gaming session.

It features a very simple and durable design. There is no big logo or any graphic that can distract you while you are focusing on your game or work. It has special stitched edges that prevent fraying. It is a spill-resistant pad with a special textured surface. The mouse pad is easy to clean and wash.

5. Havit Large Gaming Mouse Pad

Havit Large Gaming Mouse Pad


If you take your gaming sessions very seriously, you must have probably ditched the idea of a wireless mouse ages ago. Even though they are wireless, they come with a lot of other issues such as latency or the hassle of replacing batteries quite often. How can we forget the battle of plugging the cable to charge the mouse? To solve all these issues, we have an amazing mouse pad, which makes you feel the usage of a mouse like a breeze. The Havit Gaming Mouse is an ideal solution to all your issues related to online gaming.

It is a large mouse pad which provides a large enough area to fit in your keyboard, mouse, and some additional stuff on your desk. It gives a perfect movement space forPC gaming.It is made up of mercerized materials that offer a smooth surface. This helps the mouse to slide smoothly and precisely. It also provides a smooth tracking surface for the mouse. This non-slip ergonomic mouse pad offers a super comfortable experience with the help of its 3mm thick and anti-skin rubber base. It also prevents the mouse from fraying.

The pad is made up of waterproof material and doesn’t fall apart like other large mouse pads. Since it is made up of natural rubber material, you might feel that there is a slightly weird smell, but it will soon go off.

6. Reflex Lab Extra Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Mat XXXL

Reflex Lab Extra Large


There are plenty of mouse pads which provide a lovely theory, but the only area where they lack is the size. Either they are too small or way too big that it starts fraying. Fret not. We have a perfect mouse pad for you.

The Reflex Extended Gaming Mouse Pad is an extra-large and an extra tall mouse pad which offers a lot of space to move and groove. The mouse pad is literally 3 feet long and can easily accommodate the keyboard, mouse, and all the other accessories that are there on the computer desk. It lets you have plenty of space for pro-style gaming.

The pad offers an ultra-smooth surface, which is just accurate and makes you feel great. It provides the optimal surface for the gaming sensors. It also works on reducing the resistance by a larger fraction when compared to other mouse pads within the same category. Its thick design ensures easy mouse movements and great response time.

Users love the comfort that the pad provides. It is built to last for a very long time and has high-quality stitching around the edges. It ensures that the pad doesn’t fray or fall apart.

7. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface

SteelSeries QcK Gaming


The SteelSeries QcK Gaming mouse is one of the best gaming mouse pads at an affordable price. It offers everything that you would require from a mouse pad. Its surface material has a high thread count which offers precise control over the mouse and an extremely smooth glide.

The SteelSeries offers mouse pads in multiple shapes and sizes. There is a higher end version of this model, which comes with RGB lighting. If you are thinking to buy a gaming mouse pad for the first time, this is a very good option to start with. It has been the best choice of the experts since ages. Its exclusive QcK micro-woven fabric is optimized for low and high DPI tracking movements.

The pad has a non-slip rubber base which eliminates any unwanted movement. It also provides a solid platform for a competitive gaming session. The SteelSeries QcK is the pinnacle of innovation and surface performance, which provides a pinpoint control for all the gameplay styles. This is why it is one of the best-selling products in the field of gaming mouse pads.

8. Glorious XXL Extended Gaming Mouse Mat/Pad – Large

Glorious XXL Extended


Are you looking for a multi-purpose pad which can accommodate both mouse and the keyboard? If yes, you must consider buying the Glorious XXL Gaming Mouse Pad. Apart from its large size, the mouse pad has a smooth and fine cloth surface. This reduces the risk of the mouse from wearing down. It also allows faster movement and offers excellent control over the cursor. The mouse pad intends to offer a priceless experience while gaming.

The Glorious Mouse Pad is an ultimate gaming mousepad. It has a special surface which provides a perfect and unique blend of speed and control. This helps in making the pad ideal for any situation. Whether you wish to nail a headshot in the Counter-Strike or while you wish to be great at graphic designing, the mouse pad will help you achieve everything with ease. The pad also features stitched edges which prevent the pad from fraying away. It helps in increasing the aesthetic and the lifespan.

The high-quality construction of the pad makes it durable and can be easily washed in the washing machine too. The best part about the pad is it comes in several colors and shapes. You can select as per your convenience, but we would personally suggest you buy the XXL pad.

The mouse pad is designed with a non-slip rubber base for a secured position. What is more, thanks to anti-fraying stitched frame Glorious XXL has a long lifespan and is machine washable.

9. Vipamz Extended XXXL Non-Slip Rubber Base Textured Weave Gaming Mouse Pad

Vipamz Extended


If you fall under those type of PC gamers who love playing with lowered DPI and sensitivity settings, you can probably give your wrist a bit of comfort with Vipamz XXXL Gaming Mouse pad. It offers a massive mouse movement, especially for those precise headshots while gaming. It is an oversized pad which becomes a necessity once you are used to it.

The Vipamz mouse pad is large enough to accommodate both keyboard and mouse. The best part about this pad is it fits neatly on your desk and gels with the background perfectly. It has a thick cloth padding which allows an optimum speed along with accurate control over the sensors while gaming. The mouse pad lets you experience maximum comfort while you are surfing the internet or while working in the office. Thus, it is a multi-purpose mouse pad which can be used for with both laptops or desktops.

The mouse pad features a premium design with an anti-slip rubber base. This prevents the mouse from slipping while you are working. The pad has a professional edge stitching which is combined with waterproof material. The purpose behind this is it prevents the pad from fraying and also ensures a longer lifespan. It is extremely comfortable to use as it eliminates uneven surface and provides consistent support to your wrist.

10. LUXCOMS RGB Soft Gaming Mouse Pad Large



LUXCOMS is one of the top-rated gaming electronics companies and makes a chain of products to fill in your gaming arsenal. And of course, its mouse pad is no less. It doesn’t let you face any lag or any issue despite the fact that it is a bit pricey.

It is a large mouse pad which is just perfect and fits perfectly with your desktop and provides a perfect movement and space. It provides plenty of room for any office work or professional gaming. The pad has an anti-slip rubber base. It is made up of a super glow fiber and a soft cloth surface which ensures precise and accurate control over the mouse. The pad intends to offer consistent stability while you are at your desk.

An amazing feature of the LUXCOMS mouse pad is the nine lighting mode. The customizable lighting provides the pad a distinctive appearance. You can choose from the nine modes and give your pad a super glow chroma. It is designed with a superfine fiber-braided material which provides smooth and precise navigation. It also helps you optimize your gaming experience.

Is a Mouse Pad Necessary for Gaming?

A good gaming mouse pad can lead your way to victory. The optical mouse these days are designed with optical sensors rather than rubber balls. These sensors can see the surface that it is moving across, keeping in mind the direction in which it is moving. Using the mouse on a reflective surface can be a tricky process as the sensors don’t really understand which direction is the mouse moving in. Using a mouse pad at such moments can help you detect the surface and control the direction.

These were our top picks for the best gaming mouse pads available in the market. We hope these reviews help you find the best one for you.

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